I help crunchy mamas feed and nourish their families simply, inexpensively and without judgement.

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, a certified functional nutrition health coach. I believe in utilizing a BALANCED approach to health and wellness. I’d love to help you live your best life.

Why choose a functional nutrition health coach?

*I focus on the WHOLE PERSON 
Modern medicine STOPS working for you at a diagnosis, sending you home with often unnecessary prescriptions with sometimes detrimental side effects. I START at the diagnosis, work with you to find the root cause, then use whole food and healthy lifestyle choices to give you the best possible outcome.

*I focus on WHOLE food
I will never advocate chemical-laden supplements in a morning smoothie as a remedy when nature has provided real, delicious and healing foods.

*I help make it EASY for you to maintain on your own
I use normal ingredients in strategic ways to not only increase the nutritional value of your meals, snacks and treats, but also teach you how simple it is so you can replicate it at home.

Don’t like fish? No problem.
Have a dairy sensitivity? No worries!

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to diet and lifestyle. I help you discover what works best for you, in your circumstances and according to your preferences.

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